Diseñado para DESCUBRIR el tiro con arco con total seguridad hasta los 5 m. Utilizar únicamente con Easytech.
Fácil y sólida.

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PrecisiónHasta 5 m de precisión.
ToleranciaTubo flexible de fibra de vidrio.
SolidezTubo de fibra de vidrio.El adaptador para punta amortigua los golpes del impacto
Garantía2 Años
Estructura : 100.0% Fibra de vidrio
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Excelente adherencia y flexibilidad
Excelente adherencia y flexibilidad
Flecha resistente.
Used for de 2 a 8 semanas
Esta flecha es ideal para el set tiro al arco easytech de Geologic. Es muy divertido.
Resistente, segura.
Estupend articulo para trabajar con los mas peques
Used for de 2 a 8 semanas
Magnetio agarre e impacto tipo ventosa. seguridad para niños y comodidad para mayores. Ideal para niños a partir de cinco y no tan niños de 30 jeje
Magnetica y ventosa. Comodidad para niños.
Bueno, seguro y economico
Used for de 2 a 8 semanas
Son un buen producto, capaz de hacerte sentir la dificultad del tiro con arco sin hacer prohibitiva su práctica.
Seguridad para los más pequeños
ninguno, todavía
Used for de 3 a 6 meses
Bought this for my sons birthday and he lives it. Only negative is the magnet for the arrow has come off the sling, but can still be fired.
Not compatible
Used for de 2 a 8 semanas
Despite being advised to purchase these it's not compatible, contacted decathlon and they've not bothered to reply. Wouldn't buy again.
Respuesta de la Marca:
Hi Karly,

Thanks for the message, and apologies for the incorrect information, please could you tell me whether you were told in store or from the customer service team? These arrows are for a different set and not compatible I am afraid. We have had large problems with the production of the standard Geosoft arrows, although they will be fully available at the end of August.
If you could return the arrows for a full refund or exchange (when the stock arrives) I would be most grateful.
Best regards,


I ordered extra arrows to go with the Geologic Soft Archery set for my daughter for Christmas, as advertised on the same page next to the archery set online.
These arrows are USELESS! They have no nook on the end to fit into the bow, so its very difficult, actually near impossible, to hold the arrow and the bow together. I can't do it, let alone my 10 year old. I contacted Decathlon who kindly sent me 10 more arrows, but they are all useless too! I contacted Decathlon again, and they sent me bags of nooks, which are also useless as they don't fit on the end of the arrows.
So now I have a box of useless arrows, and loads of nooks that will come in use on the 2 arrows that were supplied with the original archery set, but are no good on the extra arrows.
I'm fed up of contacting Decathlon and them sending 'replacements' that are uselss.
They don't work with the geologice bow
Respuesta de la Marca:
Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your review. I am sorry for the issues you have had, these arrows are for the easy tech, not the use with the Soft archery kit, you should have been told this by the customer service team which you obviously were not, apologies again. 
These are the correct arrows for your set:


I will ask the online CS team to send 10 of these arrows out to.
Regards  and apologies, 

Ross Farrington Market Manager DECATHLON
soft archery bow
Used for de 2 a 8 semanas
If you just want to have a go at firing at an object, then kit's good fun (make sure the arrow flights don't get in the way of the side of the "bow" You can pull the bow back a long way as it is quite substantial.
good fun and a good price
difficult to aim because of the length of arrow
Solide, bon rapport qualité...
Used for Menos de 1 semana
Solide, bon rapport qualité prix.
Permet de compléter le set easy tech.
Respuesta de la Marca:
Bonjour Virginie,

Je vous remercie d'avoir pris le temps de donner votre avis. Je suis ravie que vous soyez contente de votre achat.

Je vous souhaite une agréable journée et à bientôt dans votre magasin Decathlon Troyes.


Fanny Vendeuse/Hôtesse Décathlon Troyes
Fleche resistante
Used for Menos de 1 semana
Fonctionne bien et resiste bien